King Soopers to help us out!

Lakewood Girls Softball needs your help. We strive to keep our player fees and operating costs as low as possible. However, every year there are players who would love to play softball, but can’t afford the cost of player fees. Our King Soopers Community Rewards program is a fundraiser set up to allow Lakewood Softball to offer full or partial scholarships to deserving players. You can help by being a supporter of the Lakewood Softball Scholarship program. You simply need to take a few minutes to attach your King Soopers Loyalty Card or Alternate ID to our non-profit organization. King Soopers will track the money earned and award 5% of your purchases to Lakewood Softball. Here is how you can help...

  1. Simply go to and create an online account.

  2. Follow the instructions that link your online account and your King Soopers Loyalty card to their Community Rewards Program by selecting AGMGSA or non-profit organization #YB214.

  3. Success! This will ensure that 5% of all your King Soopers purchases for gas, pharmacy and groceries are paid to the AGMGSA Scholarship Fund.

Click here for more information.